Badapple's latest comedy - Elephant Rock


Thursday, 7 May 2020

Image of Badapple's latest comedy - Elephant Rock

A new comedy by Kate Bramley with songs and music by Jez Lowe. From the great age of the steamers and through the heyday of the British seaside resorts the grand dance hall has stood proudly on the pier front attended by the greatest of all attractions, The Mechanical Elephant. But now the holidaymakers have left for good, like the old Elephant Rock that gave the headland its name. And with the tides gnawing away at the coast all around, short of a miracle or two it’ll be curtains for certain for the old place but that doesn’t stop Nellie’s girls putting up a good fight. Come and join us for a good chuckle and a song or two as we trace the twists and turns of the tall tales of generations of carnival women who kept the Elephant Rock dance hall doors open through hell and high water….

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Tickets - £12.00