Capturing Nature and Landscapes in your Sketchbook


Thursday, 15 September 2022

Image of Capturing Nature and Landscapes in your Sketchbook

Capturing Nature and Landscapes in your sketchbook.

Join International Artist Linda Hollingshead, well known for her friendly, inspirational & enjoyable courses & workshops, for a Sketchbook & Sketching day. Sketchbooks have been used through the ages in a variety of ways and are an enjoyable, relaxing and liberating way to explore creative expression without the pressure of feeling you have to get things ‘Perfect!’ Discover how to use a sketchbook to connect and record the scenes around you from daily life. Such as Nature, your local town, travel & holidays. Learn valuable skills that you can continue to use & develop sketching at home. In this workshop Linda uses her lifetime experience of working outdoors as an artist. To walk you through a simple step by step process to select the scenes around you and translate them to your sketchbook.

The day begins with an introduction to ways of sketching where you will be shown demonstrations and practice drawing and loosening up techniques. After our introductory session, we will take a stroll from The Craft House into nearby Myrtle Park, strolling gently through this lovely setting and down to the river Aire, taking inspiration from our surroundings and sketching together as a group. You will learn best practice for selecting a focus and scene. Using pencils & tone to create sketches. There will be a summary & round-up of the day with suggestions for continuing your sketchbook practice. Participants will be shown demonstrations and will have guided one to one help and advice with opportunities for Q&A’s to achieve best results. There will be plenty of time to practice sketching at your own pace.

We will be spending time outdoors as well as indoors in the large art studio on the first floor of The Craft House, so please dress appropriately for the weather on the day and make sure you are wearing comfy shoes with a good grip! If you would like to take a seat whilst sketching outdoors, please remember to bring along your own portable lightweight camping chair to take with you for the outdoor section of the day. The Workshop will involve….

Introduction to using and ways of working with sketchbooks to explore and express your creativity. 

A simple way to sketch outdoors without the overwhelm.

A step by step sketching process for selecting a scene, establishing a focus and translating that to paper.

Create a focal point and use composition to support it.

Understand how to use simple tones in sketching.

Pencil shading techniques and highlights.

How to strengthen and complete a sketch.

Level of experience: Beginner - Intermediate with no or some drawing experience. May be 1st time working outdoors New to using a sketchbook. This is for you if you want to….

Sketch and record your surroundings.

Create a deeper connection to nature and your environment.

Use a sketchbook as a way to develop ideas for paintings.

Know how to translate a scene to paper.

Begin sketching for mindfulness and calm.

Know how to create personal journeys using a sketchbook to create beautiful books to treasure.

Develop your drawing skills.

Try a new activity.

Opening Times / Details:

10:00 to 16:00

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