Moving Stories: the History of Cinema

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A guided heritage tour/talk and film show on the history of moving pictures St George's Hall. Find out about the ground-breaking cinema history of the site and view film footage of Bradford from the early 1900s. Discover how the manager of St George’s Hall, Sydney .H. Carter was a pioneer in cinema, presenting moving pictures here first in 1896 and that from the early 1900s film was regularly shown. Discover how Carter eventually bought the venue, turned it into a cinema, developed his own film distribution company and a string of cinemas across the north of England. Look around St George's Hall to see how it was run as a cinema for over 20 years. Meet volunteer actors playing characters from the cinema era. Then buy an ice cream and sit in the stunning auditorium to recreate the experience of audiences from 1902 by viewing BFI Mitchell & Kenyon film footage of Bradfordians from that time.

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St George's Hall
Bridge Street


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