They Don't Pay, We Won't Pay!

Play - Comedy

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They Don't Pay? We Won't Pay! is a fast-paced, exceedingly funny adaptation of Dario Fo's play Can't Pay! Won't Pay! Deborah McAndrew has done a wonderful job of updating this play so it's bang up to the minute topical and reflects life today with rising food prices, energy prices etc. The play is set in a high rise block of flats somewhere 'up North' and centres around a group of women who live there refusing to pay high prices at the supermarket. They resort to ever more creative solutions to avoid payment and being collared by the cops.

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Box Office: 01274 567983

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£10 or 2 for 1 on Monday

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Bingley Arts Centre
Main Street
BD16 2LZ

Age Group for current event: all