Women of Faith Book Group

Coffee Morning/Afternoon Tea

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

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The group selects their monthly books from a broad range of fiction and non-fiction books, some on the topic of religion. The book group is open to people of all faiths, and a typical meeting has a general discussion on the nature of the book and occasionally a short reading from the book. Upcoming Books 29 October 2019 - The Good Companions by J.B. Priestley 26 November 2019 - Advent Theme 7 January 2020 - The Secret Rooms by Catherine Bailey 4 February 2020 - Lent Theme 3 March 2020 - Motherhood in Powerful Women Theme 7 April 2020 - The Shack by William Paul Young 5 May 2020 - The World I Fell Out Of by Melanie Reid Further dates and books to be announced! For more information please visit https://www.bradfordcathedral.org/whats-on/weekly-events/women-of-faith-book-group/

Opening Times / Details:

11:00 to 12:00

Price notes:

Free entry

For more information:

Website: https://www.bradfordcathedral.org/whats-on/weekly-events/women-of-faith-book-group/

email: info@bradfordcathedral.org